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Delta Vector Poland provides manpower and logistics support services in support of US Navy in Redzikowo and procurement support via FMS to Polish MOD. DV Poland employs >45 direct FTE to support operations in Poland and has access to a complete range of personnel and resources to meet base operation support requirements within 72 hours of notification.



DV has fully operational 39 employees on-site in Slupsk area (NSF Redzikowo)
  • Onsite DV personnel holds multiple positions, cutting down the costs for customer and makes Delta Vector Poland very competitive on current projects,
  • DV personnel has been recognized by primary tenants U.S. Missile Defense Agency, NAVY Region and NAVSUP
  • DV played a significant role directly supporting the most important events on the site, including but not limited to Change of Command Ceremony, United States Navy Ball, Joint Statement for Mutual Cooperation between Base Commander and Director of the Revenue Administration, Town Hall Meetings.
  • Provided >100 medical services (vaccinations, physicals and diagnostics) for KBR Expats
  • Received exceptional recommendation from various sources for 20 months of service provided to the Poznan DFAC for 200 soldiers
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Contingency & rapid response

Military & commercial support

Procurement, logistics & transport

Medical support services


Defense & advisory



Delta Vector received outstanding performance scores for providing:
  • Command-Admin Support (including service desk personnel and administration)
  • Translation Services (including Medical Translations)
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Facility Investments (Custodial, HVAC, Electrical, Water, Carpentry, HAZMAT, Maintenance Technician services)
  • Supply Services (Mail Room, Customs Clearance, Shipping and Receiving House Hold Goods,Warehouse services, Drivers, and POL operations)
  • Unaccompanied Housing
  • Environmental & Quality Control

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