Delta Vector


Delta Vector Honduras was established January 30, 2018 and commenced work providing various services to the Enrique Soto Cano Air Base, Comayagua. DV Honduras has been providing multiple services to the USA Government to include temporary projects as tent construction. DV Honduras employs >400 direct FTE to support base operations on Soto Cano and has the ability to turn on any base operations support requirement within 72 hours of notification, services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Carpentry servies
  • Plumbing services
  • Roads & Grounds services
  • HVAC services
  • Electric servies
  • Custodial Services
  • Motor Pool equipment services
  • DFAC services
  • Logistic services
  • Air transportation services
  • Ground Transportation services
  • Environmental services
  • MWR services


DV successfully executed JLSA Project within 30 days. To accommodate a large group of US military, DV built 25 tents and equipped them to meet the needs and safety of the occupants. Each tent included: electrical wiring (lamps), beds, chest of drawers, tables, air conditioning unit, and fire extinguisher.

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Delta Vector Honduras

Facts and Data

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Project Completed

Contingency & rapid response

Military & commercial support

Procurement, logistics & transport

Medical support services


Defense & advisory



    • Economic and business development consultancy.
    • Quality control service meeting Contract requirements
    • Fully compliant safety environment 
    • Engineering maintenance service related for: Plumbing, Carpentry, HVAC, Operation Control Center, Electrical, Roads and Ground Maintenance, and Cleaning
    • Medical support services
    • Military and commercial support base 
    • Procurement, logistics, and transport services
    • Recycling program with an average of $ 20k yearly in materials sales.